library items: toys vs. prints

I might be one of the few who bother, but I think the amount of screenprints added and artwork by artists I've never heard of moves trampt into a wrong direction. No offense to the artists o collectors, but the toy scene is so core that you get to know the artists really fast. So if they do prints, I think it's fair enough to add them. But someone who has nothing to do with toys and characters … I don't see the point of adding these.

On the other hand I think there are plattforms that could be added as interesting things, like skatedecks or artist cans, if they are collectibles because they're limited/numbered/signed and not regular items. Maybe I prefer them also because they are harder to get made if you compare it to a screenprint for example?!?

What do you guys think?

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6 Replies

hi lilo,

i am a little bit in conflict regarding this topic:

on one hand i completely agree with you as my personal focus lies on vinyl toys only. i don't really care for artsy screenprints someone is photoshopping at home and then selling for a few bucks.


on the other hand i really like me some quality screenprints/original art non toy associated artists like the Mondo guys are doing. or the stuff Gallery 1988 - Melrose summons for their events. i think it would be hard to separate one level of "professional" art from the "consumer" art some guys are doing at home.


for me personally the solution here is to just browse the library by category.


regarding the platforms i think it's ok to leave some things out because who's to say what is a collectible and what not. how to categorize a Doktor A souvenir coin from SDCC : 2011, a Jeremy Fish zippo lighter, skullcandy x Kidrobot headphones, a one off Nakanari wooden iphone case. all those things are in one way or another purchaseable and sometimes limited items done by vinyl toy associated artists and still i don't think they are qualified to be listed as collectors items in trampt's library. same goes for skatedecks, cans or usb sticks.


sure i'd like to know about them maybe by use of a news post, but i don't think a lot of those things are items sought after by collectors. in my humble opinion those items are "gimmicks" hence the mostly very limited run.


maybe the other trampsters can chip in their 2 cents also

over 11 years ago · Comment ·


keegan a The true can be said for customs. There are amazing customizers on here right now, but eventually the site will have guys who took a sharpie (badly) to a munny and post it in the library. Which we'll curate and manage as we go. :) over 11 years ago


deadlemming m let's say I screenprinted a design onto paper, I can add it to the library, right? If I screenprint the same design onto a skateboard, than I can't?
have you guys ever tried to screenprint something that's not flat? I did, it's a pain in the ass to print decks, to go over the nose and tail alone is tough, if you want to do it properly the screen is incredibly hard to build … over 11 years ago


keegan a If you are hand-producing some skatedecks or handpainting one for a show. By all means, add it to the library. It would be classified under 'Original Art', the medium would be 'Screenprint' and the Materials should have 'Skateboard' in it. What I want to avoid are mass produced decks that may have been designed by an artist. over 11 years ago


keegan a There are currently several skateboards in the site. :) over 11 years ago


deadlemming m Keegan, no worries, I know, I added a few ;)
as I said befor, I'd like to get the conversation to the point that people understand where trampt is heading, and find content accordingly. over 11 years ago


deadlemming m I know it's going to be tricky, to cover more fields, but I'm finding more and more things that relate a lot more to my toy collection than screenprints. and I want to share if these are cool items, but make sure we are talking about the same thing! over 11 years ago

I'm sorry but I don't understand your thread.  Just because you haven't heard of an artist makes him/her not Trampt worthy?   I think most toy designers were making prints to start with.  Even if an artist hasn't made a toy doesn't mean they aren't part of the community and vise versa.  Lastly I think 99% of prints added here are signed/numbered and certainly not easy to aquire on drops. Not ragging on you, trying to understand and it's just my 2 cents. 

over 11 years ago · Comment ·


deadlemming m I'm actually trying to see if we can draw a line of where to start and where to stop, that's all. No intention to value or judge any artwork. If it sounded like this sorry.
And I didn't say screenprints are easier to aquire, I said it's easier to make a print than to produce a toy. over 11 years ago


webecomemonsters v Making a toy is waaaay easier for me than screenprinting - I dont have the screenprinting equipment ;) over 11 years ago

I understand what you're talking about. We've wrestled around with it for quite a bit of the last two years. I think where we netted out is where we'd like to leave it for now.

To your point we do have some skatedecks there were painted that are placed under original art, and I think there are even some custom spray cans that Nemo did. The problem you get into is if you let one thing in you let in another, and another and the site becomes etsy where artists are pushing all their hats, shirts, keychains, etc and it become impossible to navigate through it all.

I think the key reason we went with prints & art to go along with toys & customs was because most shows that featured toys or customs generally had some prints or art pieces to go with them. We've actually been very diligent to remove illustrations or photoshop collages since they weren't for sale, therefore not collectible. While we don't want to become another Etsy, we also don't want to become another Deviant Art.

The power of this site will come through community curation. This isn't the place for paintings of fruit or Transformers ... hopefully it's a community of creative people to showcase their 'art' and not worry about pushing their merchandise. 

over 11 years ago · Comment ·

Art is art. And exposure is what makes art thrive. And there are collectors for both.

over 11 years ago · Comment ·


6 months ago · Comment ·

my concern is the following:

at this point, trampt is a great library for toys, no doubt, and at the moment about the ratio of toys is about 2 per 1 print. custom toys is already equal to prints and original art.

so we start adding all Andy Warhol screenprints, all Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring etc. and even artists where screenprints emerged clearly just as a reproduction of original artwork? maybe even after they died? that would probably put the toy people into a pretty small corner.

I'm not going to delete or flag a Warhol Mickey Mouse print if a Ron English Hello Kitty print stays in the library.

And I agree with Keegan about not becoming a second Etsy or Deviat Art. there is plenty of plattforms like Expresso Beans etc. that, so I don't see any point in copy/pasting items from there, just to have a larger library?

So if an artist had a production toy, or did customs, or took part in a show … fair enough. But any screenprint? Sorry if I offended anyone in here (at least Itsa's reply made me sound like a jerk) … it's not about the name, I'm missing the link on some of the added items!

over 11 years ago · Comment ·


AvAirwavePlus44 I do agree with you to some extent. This is meant to be a toy collector's forum and library, but if those artists have made prints, then they should also be included. I agree that screening (no pun intended) some prints from the library could be good for the identity of the site. I guess the argument could be from both sides. over 11 years ago


itsa_mia m that wasn't my intention. my apologies, i should know better than to get involved. over 11 years ago


deadlemming m all good itsa_mia, I should have used better wording as well to avoid something like that – and good we have conversations now anyway ;)
I'm open to find out more about fresh talent and artists I've never heard off, no matter if toy people or something totally different! over 11 years ago


itsa_mia m cheers lemming over 11 years ago

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