Yeti Dunny by Pause DesignsNew Dunny from Kidrobot drops December 5th

  • Posted on: November 26, 2013 @ 6:31PM
  • Published in: New Releases

A few days ago I reposted an image of the upcoming 'Yeti Dunny' by Eric Pause, from the Kidrobot instagram account. In the repost I said, "Super surprised Kidrobot was so ambitious turning Pause Designs custom Dunny into a production piece". This was met with a 'hmmmmm' from Kidrobot. My comment wasn't meant to be taken as the usual jabs some toy critics take at Kidrobot. My surprise came from using a crazy complex, nearly unrecognizable version of one of their cornerstone platforms for an artists first manufactured piece.

What's even more shocking is lowering the typical $75 price point down to $59.99 for a figure that is an entirely new mold, and stands larger than other Dunny's at 11 inches tall.  Will definitely stop by Kidrobot LA for the release and take a look at this guy up close, along with the Les Viandardes by McBess I've been meaning to check out.

Full release info from Kidrobot:
Normally a peaceful, timid creature, the Great North American Yeti is seldom seen outside his cozy suburban home. However, when its territory is encroached upon the Yeti can become extremely protective and in some cases even violent.

Available December 5, 2013 at & KR Retail Stores! 1 in 6 is a chase!

  • Yeti_dunny_by_pause_designs-new_dunny_from_kidrobot_drops_december_5th-trampt-2565t
  • Yeti_dunny_by_pause_designs-new_dunny_from_kidrobot_drops_december_5th-trampt-2566t
  • Yeti_dunny_by_pause_designs-new_dunny_from_kidrobot_drops_december_5th-trampt-2567t
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2 Replies

I think the price reflects the fact the Kidrobot is becoming more aware of the fact that their products are struggling. Their collectors are either doing something different or getting smarter. So as the times change, so must the business too.

about 8 years ago · Comment ·


thankyou m It's an entirely new mold also, I just learned about 8 years ago


benpierce25 v So was the JPK mold for the 8" figures, which I assume is why they were $100 since those molds will likely never be used again. about 8 years ago


thankyou m Yes. The more sclupting , the more expensive. March 2014 will see it's first $200 8" Dunny. It's based off an 8" platform, that's all I know. The sculpting might make it like 12"…who knows.. almost 9 years ago

Love the pictures close-up! Also the box design is very cool. I'm really surprised about the pricing for the height!!!!!!!!!!!!!

about 8 years ago · Comment ·

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