Creative Aftermath

Following up his 2020 solo show, Creative Quarantine, Czee13 returns with a new body of work, created in the aftermath of the personal impact that the global pandemic had on his life and art. Czee13 is known for his process-based artwork, as the creation spawns its detritus, so the castaways become the new object of his imagination. Czee13’s personal mythology of paint splatter, rust, and grime, has lead to his most notable creation, the Canbot.


Drips & Fades

Clutter is excited to present Drips and Fades, a freestyle Brickbot show, opening this Saturday 09/11 at 6pm! Bringing together four legendary artists to create on the same blank canvas, the Brickbot, designed by Kyle Kirwan x Czee13! For this once-in-a-lifetime show, we have assembled a crew of old and new school street artists, Crash One, Al Diaz AKA Samo, Chris RWK, and the creator of the Canbot platform, Czee13, to work on 5” Brickbot’s and the never before released giant 15” Brickbot vinyl toy! The Canbot platform is by design a platform of the streets, intended for multiple artists working side by side to influence one another and inspire new forms and new ideas. With Drips and Fades, the designer toy genre is elevated to even greater heights with street art happening directly on a vinyl platform expressly meant to honor street art!


They Came From Planet Rainbow Sparkles V






RedGuardian Solo Show

New York-based designer and sculptor RedGuardian has been carving out a path in the designer toy world for the past 4 years, though he has been a designer for well over two decades. Best known for his Creative Clown design and Chunder figures, his custom Designer Toy art is highly collectible and well-executed. We are excited to be hosting his unique work, and look forward to sharing it with you!


Creative Quarantine

Following up his 2018 solo show Creative Solitude, Czee returns with a new body of work created entirely while quarantined in his studio during the pandemic. Czee is known for his process based artwork, as the creation spawns its detritus, so the cast aways become the new object of his imagination. Czee’s personal mythology of paint splatter, rust and grime, has lead to his most notable creation, the Canbot.


DTA Canbot Show : 2020

The Annual DTA custom show is one of the most prestigious and highly anticipated custom art toy exhibitions in the world. This year's show will be the first time the DTA custom show is centered around the new CANZ platform, as created by Czee13 and Clutter. We are all extremely excited to see this new direction for the DTA custom show become part of the annual tradition of the exhibition. This DTA Custom Show was founded by Clutter to celebrate the wide range of amazing global talent in the designer toy world, and to support the annual Designer Toy Awards!
 Each of the DTA custom shows are highly curated, and often looked to as a breeding ground for new production vinyl toys. 


Rattle & Bones

Curated by Czee13 & Clutter, Rattle & Bones celebrates the launch of the BRAND NEW Czee13 platform toy, the Chillin'! Artists had the choice of the Canbot or the Clutter Skull head!


The Glow Show

Light. The source of the universe. The hazy image of that perfect day. The perfect inner glow that scratches an itch as deep as time itself. We bring you GID, The Glow Show that makes all other shows pale in comparison. Literally. No bioluminescent creature left behind. Participating artists include: American Gross, Bog x Squad, Candie Bolton, Comet Debris, Czee13, Don't Cry In The Mornin, Eimi Takano , Galaxy People, Grape Brain, Grumble Toy, Josh Mayhem, Kyle Kirwan,mLou Pimentel, Magitarius, Mark Nagata, PLASEEBO, Rampage Toys, Rato Kim, Sad Salesman, Seulgie, Tokyo Jesus, Uhoh Toys , wetworks, Wonder Goblin& MORE

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