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Spring cleaning or whatever

I went through and tagged a few items to "deal" to make the browsing a little easier. Anything tagged as such is for sure for sale, just message me for a price or make me an offer. See something el...

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Birro_the_clown-chauskoskis-dunny-kidrobot-trampt-39360tBirro the clown Dunny by Chauskoskis from Kidrobot

#3inchdunny #dunnyspecialedition

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  • Started: about 10 years ago
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Merchandise & the Library Debate: What should be in & out?

Hello all, So we see a lot of people add things to the library that then get removed because they are merchandise. (I have done it with Sucklord toilet paper) I know this can be confusing for peo...

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Anyone going to support the Sucklord's Kickstarter?

I saw Spanky Stokes blog talking about the Sucklords new toy The Villain. Went and checked out the Kickstarter campaign, and it looks interesting. There are 29 days to go and he is trying to r...

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Welcome To Conversations - Hello My Name Is Blake

Hey there. I usually stay pretty well behind the scenes, but I write all the code for Trampt, and try to help Keegan out with the business in general. Keegan did a great job designing the new Conve...

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  • Started: about 10 years ago by blake
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Your Favorite Toy Of All Time

Let's forget about pricetags and rarity for now. If money wasn't an option, and you could pick any one piece of your choise, what would be your absolute hoy grail piece, and why?   (And yes,...

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  • Started: about 10 years ago by Eric Pause
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Welcome to conversations - Hello My Name is Keegan

Hey guys ... I'm going to make a quick faq/feedback conversation to handle some of the glitches, requests or general feedback on this new section of the site. In the meantime I thought I would int...

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  • Started: about 10 years ago by keegan
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FS: Buff Monster - Happy Cream Custom Mini Set

Considering selling my Buff Monster  Happy Cream Custom Mini Set if anyone is interested. Comment here or hit me up on twitter I am based in Sweden so shipping will be a bit too ;)

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A.CE - free print with Fiasco zine #2

Anyone who is interested in A.CE  FIasco Zine #2 comes with a free print, is limited to 100, priced at £3 sterling (pre order price) and can be found here A5 / Full Colour Hand Fin...

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